Category: Out and Proud


Jack looked into the mirror and studied his square jaw and good looking features. He was quite pleased with the five o’clock shadow which had finally filled in on the sides of his face. Outside of the small cinder block dressing room, he could hear the pounding beat of the evening overture which signaled the …

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Going In Means Coming Out

I sat there, intently staring through the cracked windshield of my old 1987 Pontiac Catalina. Gigantic raindrops fell from the evening sky, splattering on the roof of the car like massive water balloons. The clouds had opened suddenly with this torrential downpour just as I was about to make my way across the parking lot. …

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And then it happened….no cautionary forewarning …not even a simple suspicion. It was a day like so many other average days. She had settled into the notion of just plain settling. There would never be skyrockets or fireworks. Following the distress of her last broken heart, she had astutely convinced herself that dependable and reliable …

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