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They sat together on the bench, the soldier and the lady, Havanah. So much to say yet no words would suffice. It had been just three short weeks, actually nineteen days since they had met and yet it felt like an eternity. They shared splendid days in the sunshine, relaxing beside the river, strolling along …

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I Should Have

The sun drops into the corner of my backyard sending the last shards of sunlight through the blinds of my family room. I sit in my cold leather chair staring at the television which isn’t even on. The silence is stifling but for the constant ticking of the cheap clock on the wall. I think …

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And then it happened….no cautionary forewarning …not even a simple suspicion. It was a day like so many other average days. She had settled into the notion of just plain settling. There would never be skyrockets or fireworks. Following the distress of her last broken heart, she had astutely convinced herself that dependable and reliable …

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