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Hot Cocoa and Pine Cones

Hot Cocoa and Pine Cones Sitting there in subtle silence, she stared through the frosted glass, rocking quietly and contently as the snowflakes tumbled from the sky. The wind blew and they began to pile up outside, around her little, country cottage. The white drifts blanketed the yard seeming to suffocate the earth and all …

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And there came a time in her twilight years, where she found herself both lonesome and alone. Emily sat day after day in her wheelchair, her red and black checked blanket arranged across her lap. In the stillness of her room, she stared inadvertently out the window, lost in her thoughts, tortured by her memories. …

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In your life you will meet those who pull you up…and others that hold you down. Those that selfishly steal your dreams by seducing your heart. They stand in your shadow and feed off of your success…until of course, it begins to fade. Then they are drawn to the radiance thrown off by another shooting …

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