Every Single Moment

There will come a day when all of the rushing and running will cease. Something will slam into you with the force of a freight train, stopping you, dead in your tracks and finally, you will be obliged to take a break and just breathe. Quite often, it is a loss or an unexpected tragedy which strikes with absolutely no forewarning and yet has the ability to capsize your life. The predicament never offers a choice or an alternative in the catastrophe in question, just a problem with a puzzle that you will be forced to decipher, quite possibly, all on your own.
The stakes are sometimes enormous, teetering on the sensitive matter of life or death. However, it may not be so dramatic the first time it crosses your path. These conundrums tend to start small and increase with age. You will most probably be given a practice swing or two before the massive ball of shit is hurled at your head forcing you to duck or abruptly face the reality of your mortality. Make no mistake, three strikes are never guaranteed so prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. There is a fine line however, between preparing and projecting, never confuse the two. Negative energy magnifies and multiplies so don’t get caught up in the chaos of its mayhem. Keep in mind that it is utterly impossible to stop an avalanche, once it builds momentum.
As you sit and wait for the sky to fall, there will be a time of rumination. While life is spinning out of control you will most certainly spend countless moments reflecting upon the journey which brought to this terrible place, and you will ask yourself, was it worth it? Were you frugal with the precious days of the life you’d been blessed with or did you squander the expensive moments, wishing, wanting or waiting for your dreams to materialize? Perhaps you should have done a bit more planning and pursuing of the aspirations which have now become regrets.
Regret is such a waste of energy and emotion. The anxiety which it seems to nurture commences to consume our thoughts, turning them black with remorse. We will make mistakes in our lives, that is most certain. Unfortunately, it will probably result in consequences that cannot be changed. You see, sadly, life was never meant to be run in reverse. You must start living your dreams today. Make the changes nagging at your heart now. Begin living your bucket list. Time is fleeting. It gets away from us, and once the last grain of sand has slipped through the hourglass, there is no going back. Everything points toward the future and it is a one way street which appears endless; it isn’t. We all do our best to ignore the inevitable, to believe in the impossible. Yet, the ride does end, as do we, and again the question remains, was it worth it?
January first is just around the corner, signifying a time of new beginnings, fresh starts and forgiveness. Make your days count, your most intimate feelings known and your opinion heard. Take that trip, make the call and dare to live your dreams. You deserve the opportunity to say yes…oh yes, my life was indeed worth it, every single unforgettable moment was worth it.
Happy New Year my friends,
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Alana Marie