Under My Skin

I was on my way out the door to do some last minute shopping for the Thanksgiving holiday. Reluctantly, I had to stop and write this post before the feelings and emotions slipped away.
Today I joined one of the Facebook pages for Overeaters Anonymous. I was curious and wanted to connect with a new bunch of people to discover more about their group. I also thought that I might motivate or inspire some of the readers. I posted a picture of my transformation from 528 pounds to my current 280 along with an introduction of myself. I went on to share one of my motivational stories with the group. I no sooner hit the post button, when I found my post blasted by one of their members who boldly told me that my fancy blogs and silly words were not going to help these people with serious food addictions. Her final kiss off was “Stay…listen and give up the platitudes”. I proceeded to launch into my own qualifications for speaking my mind, the foremost being the simple fact that I have been as big as or bigger than most of the people in that group. I would say that 528 pounds of misery, qualifies me to speak my mind on the subject of being OVERWEIGHT.

On any journey of great magnitude and significance, you will undoubtedly encounter negative people and distracting circumstances. These disruptions will test your patience, desire and determination. Ignoring the disturbance or the disturber is not always easy, for it seems as though these negative people have the loudest voices and can always be heard above all the others which sing your praises! For example, there are days when I share a heartfelt message with a group such as this, triggering a hundred responses full of thanks and gratitude, yet the single, spiteful comment of a lone nitpicker will prey on my mind all day. The reason for this fixation on a single disparaging reaction from a scornful, judgmental reader is unclear yet, in my case, so predictable. Perhaps it is my incessant need to help others succeed or the conviction I feel for the messages that I share. Whatever the reasons, I cannot let the rantings of a single person get under my skin anymore.

Anyway, my point is this: Delete the NEGATIVE people from your life. They will only bring you down and facilitate your failure. They probably hate the world for their own disappointments and letdowns in life. Speak your mind…shove them aside and keep pushing forward. It is easy to get hung up on a negative comment….just as I did this morning. You have all been so supportive of my writing and tell me so every single time I post a story, yet that one single piece of pessimism, stuck in my head like a fly in molasses. Do not let anyone hurt your pride or your feelings. Our fight is tough enough already…we don’t need any help in losing that battle. Move forward, even if it means leaving certain people from our lives behind. Needless to say, I blocked the negative Nancy and headed out to the Walmart.
~Alana Marie~