Old book

The Magic Is In the Message

Each of us is born with a gift; a special and unique ability to do a particular something or other, better than almost anyone else we know. Truth be told, each of us is actually conceived possessing many incredible talents. The trick is to find the propensities to brilliance which will unite your heart, head and your hands into a succinct harmony which has the ability to produce pure creative magic.
For me, writing has always come quite effortlessly. I find a quiet spot and a comfortable chair, put pen to paper and watch it take off like the pointer on a haunted Ouija board. The pen comes to life in my hand, setting itself into the steady motion of gliding back and forth across the page leaving beautiful words, thoughts and sentiment behind. I am quite unable to predict when it will happen, this intense avalanche of emotion, nor do I have the ability to make it stop. Most of the time, I am just incredibly amazed at the writings which tumble upon the empty page. The words fall fast and furious, as my eyes race silently behind my fervent hand in an effort to simply catch up. Eventually my hand begins to relax a bit, as the words slow to a trickle and I realize that my creative energy has been exhausted.
Staring, speechless, at the brand new story on the once pristine pages of my journal, I settle back into my chair and begin to read. Inhaling the words as if I had never seen them before, I am always amazed, at how they somehow manage to blend themselves together, like watercolor paints on a thick, rich canvas; and I wonder with divine appreciation, how and where these words came from within me.
I am always eager to share these thoughts with the world because while the words are pretty and the stories inspiring, the magic is really in the message and the message was never meant for me.
~Alana Marie~