The Motor City Blues

So, Detroit is a title holder. It isn’t baseball or Hockey no, Detroit once again tops the list of the Most Dangerous Cities in the United States for 2015, with a violent crime rate of 2,072 per 100,000 Detroit has always rated low in virtually every survey that I have ever observed. We do, however, hold top honors on one very ominous list. We are unlucky enough to enjoy the abysmal distinction of The Most Dangerous City in the United States again this year. True, it is an appalling commendation to have earned and exhibited, but it was sadly, a first place position, which is something Detroit has not enjoyed since the Pistons netted NBA first place honors in back in 2004.

The recent bankruptcy of my hometown was the final straw for me personally. I sold my business, packed my things and drove away from the Motor City, headed for the financially booming state of…believe it or not, Minnesota. I still find it hard to avoid using “us” and “we” when talking about my beloved hometown, even though it is now only a shell of its former Motown glory.
Once, a city of champions and the industrial hub of the United States, Detroit has crumbled and fallen down around us. The scorched and blackened buildings which cower in the shadows of the magnificent Renaissance Center are but a sad reminder of what “used to be”. The empty streets are reminiscent of the old ghost towns that dotted the landscape of the so called, Wild, Wild West. If it weren’t for the rich suburbanites who tailgate their way into town for the occasional hockey or baseball game, the streets would remain empty but for the insignificant homeless veteran, pushing a rusted shopping cart down the broken, shattered sidewalks. The only other real nightlife can be found in the oasis of casinos that together form a fortress of sorts, keeping the vermin out and the professed privileged in. The gamblers who lose substantial amounts of money to the one armed bandits, have no idea just how close they are to trading in their BMW’s for a shopping cart of their own…..ahhhh so goes the circle of life, liberty and the pursuit of poverty.

~Alana Marie~