Eternally Altered

It is always unexpected; that single moment that sets you on a path which will forever change your life. So often, its approach is subtle and simple and when you are immersed in the moment, you may not even realize that your future has just been eternally altered. Each and every day we are faced with choices, options and possibilities. For some of us, the liberty to choose will lead only to the freedom to fail, be it that first sip of alcohol, the seduction of a cigarette or the tiny white pill that we used to swallow only for physical discomfort. It may be food or sugar that numbs the pain and becomes the temporary crutch to help us navigate through the rough patch. Ironically, this momentary temptation of our “distraction” of choice will grow and change from fascination to fixation as our inner demon commences to satisfy its constant craving. The solution becomes the problem and your plummet to rock bottom begins.
As your bad habit becomes an obsession and finally an addiction, it will wrap its treacherous arms around your entire being, refusing to let go. The momentary thrill or consolation will dull the pain of the moment but the menace will not be satisfied until it takes command of your entire soul, for all it really craves is total, absolute control. A silent tug of war will ensue inside of your mind as you watch your life crumble around you and your new found obsession steals everything that you have spent your entire life building. When all is gone and your addiction has taken everything that you have, it will leave you, broken and alone plunging rapidly to the certain, deadly impact of “rock bottom” Once again, you will come face to face with another single moment that will define or defeat you. The only question to consider at this precarious point is…”will I bounce or will I break?”
Alana Marie