Looking Back

Boy oh boy…In looking back to where I was just one short year ago, the changes which have transpired in my life are incredible indeed!
Last October, I was alone, in a business which brought me much more stress than happiness or money. The days were long and the nights even longer. I had absolutely no purpose or direction. I opened my heart to the universe and whispered….”Please help me”. That single wish started as a tiny wave floating out into the world. As it drifted along it gained strength, speed and momentum which has now reached tidal wave proportions! I have left behind the things which made me sick, unhealthy and unhappy. Courage pushed me forward and suggested that I open my sails and go with the winds of change. Little did I know that I was about to meet my soulmate and venture down a path that has filled my life with rich and exciting hopes and dreams. Today, I have a future filled with hope and promise. Days are short but nights are the welcome close to each day because I end every single one with the love of my life.