It will appear that the worst is over. Like a violent car crash occurring in slow motion, the fall from the top is terrifying. It is the loss of control, the free falling, that scares you the most. Your stomach flips and flops, while your breathing halts, as you wait impatiently for the final impact. Terror shrouds your entire being, and you will finally understand what is meant by “life flashing before your eyes.” You struggle and fight to regain control, thrashing madly when it happens; the crash, the brutal blow as you strike rock bottom. Everything finally stops. You lay there crumpled, bruised and disoriented, in a confounded state of shock, when suddenly you recognize that you are alive!
In that single moment you realize that you are grateful and more importantly, you are blessed. Getting up, you will dust yourself off and start over, grasping the knowledge that you are incredibly resilient and pretty damn remarkable. As you walk away, leaving the wreckage behind, a brand-new sense of freedom will encompass you. The life that you have known will forever change. This is your rebirth, your resurrection, but most importantly, your second chance. Muster up your courage, and breathe. Take note of your past suffering, combine that with the priceless lessons you have already learned and you will be prepared to take the very first step of a journey which will lead to the best days of your life.