In Gratitude

For those who helped or inspired me with Pick a Struggle Cupcake- Seasons:

With every creative story, comes a muse, whose inspiration is so essential to the creation of the tale, that without them, the narrative would not exist. For me, that muse is the consolidation of countless characters from my life, including family, friends and loved ones, both here on earth along with those who have passed.
My dear mother, Helen, left this earth in May of 2012, never realizing that the morals, principles and standards which she had instilled in me, would result in a series of books, containing stories that would inspire so many others. She would be proud to hold in her strong yet gentle hands a brand new copy of this book, filled with my words and her lessons. I am sure she would read the pages of my stories time and again, bending down the corners to mark her favorite passages. Helen would undoubtedly carry the book in her very large purse, pulling it out whenever possible to brag to her friends about her daughter “the author”. Mom, I thank you for everything you ever did for me. I love you today, tomorrow and always.
Let’s fast forward to 2014, as fate steps in and orchestrates my unexpected introduction to Shari Yantes; the woman who would forever change my life. It may be corny to contend, as others have, that destiny brought us together to “save the world” but we both know in our hearts that we needed to find one another, just to save ourselves. Shari, a remarkable friend, mentor and companion encourages me daily to put pen to paper and release the words which fill up my soul. Together, we have fashioned an intense bond that is so deep and profound that we are astounded at times as we speak, think and dream the same things. Snowflake, I adore you and I am so grateful to have been blessed with your love and generous compassion.
I must thank my sister Diana, who lives her life so very far away in miles, yet always, finds the time to support and encourage my dreams, despite how crazy they may appear to her very grounded and conventional realm of thinking.

I need to acknowledge Tiffany Fox for editing my narratives and molding my words into interesting paragraphs of correct and proper English. You have taught me so much in our short time together. Also, the delightfully, charming cover design was created by a fellow author and friend, Judy Liautaud. Thank you ladies, for a job well done!
Finally, I must never forget to recognize you, my loyal readers, who hungrily devour all I that I compose and wait excitedly for more. Your praises are humbling and they motivate me to write late into the dark of night. Without all of you, there would be no purpose for my stories and no reason to write even a single word. So thank you all from the bottom of my being. You have given me a wonderful opportunity to do something that I truly love and I hope that I, in turn, have given you a smile or two.
Enjoy the stories contained within the pages of Seasons for they were written just for you.


Alana Marie