Team Cupcake-Lets Do This!!!

Hi Cupcakes…I need your help!!!!
Pick a Struggle Cupcake-Seasons is my second self-published book and will be released on Amazon and Kindle on Sunday, September 20! We are mounting a HUGE launch and we need ALL OF YOU -“TEAM CUPCAKE” to help us get this book up to the #1 Spot in our category and if we do it right, to the Best-Selling section of “All Books”. It is so important that we all understand our roles in this powerfully explosive launch.

(a) First, PLEASE buy a copy of the book on September 20. We need you to purchase THAT day, in order to reach the NUMBER 1 spot! You can still PRE-Order for a few more days at a VERY special rate, and those too will count as sales on LAUNCH day!
You can Pre-Order here

(b) If you buy the Kindle we need you to read and go back to Amazon, click on the book link and “Create a Review”. This is SOOOOOO important!

(c) Of course we are hoping for 5 Star Reviews but here is how a good review looks. First it should be 300 words to 500 words and say exactly what we enjoyed. For example: “I read the first chapter and I was mesmerized! She kept my attention all the way to the end of the book. I think this book is a must read for anyone who wants to find their own path to living an authentic life!

(d) The next important element of a successful Best-Selling Launch Campaign is to say (YES) to other reviews as being helpful. This is part of the process Amazon uses to rank their books. Although Amazon Best-Sellers are not the same as say NYT Best-Seller, for new independent authors it is important to show that your book will sell. This assists in finding a literary agent and traditional publisher if so desired in the future.

Now those are some ways in which you can help Alana’s book become a best-seller in a record short amount of time. There are plenty of interaction opportunities on Amazon as well via forums, etc. Alana will also have an author profile in which she will have an author rating.

Thank you for your continued support in my journey! You guys are AWESOME!!!


Alana Marie