Have you realized yet, that each and every day you write a page from the story of your life? Your mind’s eye captures all it sees, while your heart preserves all it feels, and these treasured memories are stowed away for future reference. The four seasons mark the chapters and divide the experiences, making it easier to recall the occasions and occurrences of our existence. Are your pages filled with the orange sherbet sunsets and cotton candy clouds of summer? Can you recall the vibrant colors of the maple trees in autumn? You know, the crimson red and golden leaves which drift past the pumpkins sleeping in the field as they await the fall harvest? Do they chronicle the delicate snowflakes and dripping icicles of winter or the warm family traditions of Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve? Have you ever stared into the late night sky and watched the twinkling stars blink on and off to the rhythm of the north wind rushing past? With the passing of the winter solstice, we find blissful joy in starting fresh and the delightful opportunity to grow our hopes and aspirations. We smile proudly as we watch our dreams bud and bloom amidst the wildflowers and sapling trees of spring. Pay attention to the seasons for they are filled with enchanting magic and have priceless lessons to instill.
Pick a Struggle- Seasons is the second installment of The Pick a Struggle Cupcake Series of short stories and life lessons created by its author Alana Marie. The tales and yarns are based on actual events which have occurred in her very colorful life. Once a five-hundred-twenty-eight pound alcoholic who just happens to be a lesbian, Alana has had to overcome tremendous obstacles throughout the years. In sharing her experiences in a raw yet sensitive fashion, she hopes to inspire, provoke, and motivate others to take the steps necessary to chase their dreams and overcome their own struggles. Find a quiet corner, open this book, and indulge yourself with a delectable treat.

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