A Trip We Will Never Forget

My partner Shari Yantis and I, set out on what was supposed to be a three day road trip to attend a wedding last week. What it actually turned out to be, was an eight day,  life-changing adventure that included, six  Weight Watchers speaking engagements with hundreds of loving and appreciative listeners, four book signings, seven on camera interviews, a reunion party and a wedding we decided not to attend. We learned so much about ourselves, our goals and in the process discovered so much more about real friendship, family and commitment. We helped someone put together a business plan, which in turn, helped other friends find jobs and a new place to call home.
We left Michigan overwhelmed with emotion realizing that we had touched so many lives and given inspiration to some downhearted people with little hope. So many sincere “thank you” and genuine hugs were shared with us that we were left speechless at times. We did come to the very real conclusion, that we were brought together for a reason. There is a purpose so important and so detailed that we have not yet put all of the pieces together. We know that our brand new website, Pick a Struggle Enterprises is only the beginning. Our cable TV show will provide an avenue for us to get out and see the world, meeting people who have stories to tell and knowledge to share. Spending time with even a few of these very courageous people last week, has truly impacted our lives. We are confident in saying they will touch yours as well.
The raw video footage will go to editing over the next couple weeks as we prepare the show for our Minnesota Cable station. The interviews will also be available on our website for our silver and gold members. If you haven’t joined our very caring community yet, check it out today! You can become a Bronze member for FREE!  You will never forgive yourself for missing, what is sure to be a life changing adventure, filled with hope, courage and promise. Please make time to check out our new website at http://pickastruggleenterprises.com/


Alana Marie