Embrace your Struggle!


I have been writing blogs and stories of motivation for nearly a year now. These simple words that spill onto the page have led to some amazing things, however the most incredible and remarkable part of this journey comes in the opportunity I have been afforded to help and encourage others. Each and every morning I wake to find messages and email from people facing the daunting struggle of losing weight. Some of you need to lose massive amounts, just as I have done. You ask for my advice and I seem to send the same message to so many of you, so I thought that perhaps I could just share it here and right now, and maybe , just maybe, it will inspire some of you to get off the couch, out of bed and try, yet again to lose the weight!
There comes a day when you run out of excuses and stop reciting explanations. How you got to where you are doesn’t matter anymore. You realize that you cannot move forward when you are looking backward. You need to make losing this weight the biggest, most important thing in your life. Everything you do should revolve around losing the excess weight. Of course you can’t do this 100% commitment forever but start with 6 months. Get friends and family on board, you won’t do it without them. Most importantly you have to accept and realize that this is a LONG process. Relish in the excitement of every single pound lost and do not beat yourself up over a bad week. It will happen. There are hundreds of weight loss programs out there. Some will work for you and some won’t. Not everything works for everybody. Research, talk to people and KEEP TRYING! I am in the process of starting a website http://pickastruggleenterprises.com/ to help people like us investigate and research what programs seem to work the best for the most people. Watch for that in the summer. For now, I have to recommend Weight Watchers. It has been the anchor of my weight loss and has been the healthiest approach “FOR ME”. That doesn’t mean it will work for you…but it is definitely worth an attempt. I had a weight loss surgery many years ago that worked for a few years, but eventually I gained back the 250 pounds I had lost. Again, while the surgery works for so many, it wasn’t the answer for me. I had to start over and it was a daunting task, but I did it and I have once again lost that 250 pounds.
Figure out a method for movement. I realize that for some of you who weigh over 300 pounds, exercise seems impossible. It isn’t. Yes, it is more difficult, but it is a necessary and important step in getting healthy. I started out walking…just to the end of my street and back. It exhausted me, but I continued to do it, every single day until eventually I began walking a mile in a local park 4 afternoons a week.
We must all find the program that works best for us. Some will work and many will fail but we cannot stop trying!!! You will find the right path, I promise! You can do it! You did not gain it overnight and you will not lose it overnight, but you can lose it! I wish you the strength and determination to do this. Follow your program faithfully, ask your friends and family for help and get up and MOVE! I promise that by Christmas you will be lighter, happier and oh so much healthier! Keep on Keeping on! The struggle is real but you can beat it if you first embrace it!