* So enlightening and well said, u should share your story every opportunity u get, you never know how many lives will change because u spoke the truth to those who need to hear it the most. May God continue to bless you with many opportunities to help others with your testimony. Great job! U look beautiful and you sound strong and beautiful too. ~Kela J.
* Wow! What a story to share! God has truly blessed you with an amazing platform to inspire so many! Thank you for sharing! ~ Sarah M.
*-Your stories come from the heart and are so inspiring Alana! Thank you -I am truly in awe of the talent you have and how much you express what so many would like to be able to say (me included!) Thank you and I would love to meet you in person one day!! ~Mary M.
* Morris I never miss reading one of your blogs!!!! Sooooooo inspirational! Thank you! ~D.M.
* Wow. I’d like to say more but I’m speechless at your journey. What an accomplishment and an inspiration. So glad you posted! K.H.North