Lonely Days and Sleepless Nights

Standing silently with her hands clasped behind her back, Stella stood before the window watching the raindrops splatter against the glass. The trees swayed as the wind whirled past and she jumped when a bolt of lightning forked across the sky, slicing through the steel colored clouds as thunder rumbled and shook the foundation of her tiny home. Feeling a sudden chill, she wrapped the oversized, periwinkle-blue sweater a bit tighter around her ever shrinking body. As she quietly observed the elements pound away at the Earth outside, her heart too, pounded in eager anticipation of what lay just beyond the storm. Something told her that the lost and lonesome life that she had come to endure, was about to change.
For nearly ten years, Stella had grown accustomed to the long lonely days which melted into exasperating, sleepless nights. It had not been an easy decade to tolerate. In looking back, she could not recall how it all began or the spark which had ignited the inferno of destruction, but she did realize that without notice, food had come to control her life. It was quite ironic how gaining so much weight, had, in turn, caused her to lose so many other things. The black cloud of devastation had first danced upon her head and shoulders and then, suddenly, without any forewarning it had pounced upon her, suffocating her entire being. As she grew out of her clothes, hobbies and friendships, she found herself immersed in a solitary existence where food was her closest companion. In an effort to numb the pain in her desolate heart, Stella submerged herself into an intensely intimate relationship with her refrigerator. The food, which had started off as a distraction, soon turned into a craving, a compulsion and eventually an addiction.
Last summer, upon reaching a sadness that was so extreme, she had considered taking her own life, just to end the severe loneliness; of course she did not. Instead, Stella had chosen to wage war upon the monster who had stolen her existence. She studied and examined, investigated and explored all of the options that she had at her disposal and then she developed a plan. Arming herself with everything she would need to do battle with this determined demon, she launched an attack that would ultimately transform her entire life. The past year had been filled with good food and good friends. “Healthy in and healthy out” had become her motto and she had remained steadfast when it came to exercise. This morning she had stepped onto the scale to a loss of two pounds this week. To some, that might sound trivial, insignificant or trite, however to Stella the loss was enormous when tacked onto the 99 pounds she had already lost over the past year. Yes indeed, in her mind, the battle had been won!
The ominous clouds tumbled away and the sun burned vibrantly in an effort to desiccate the soggy sky and as Stella watched in admiration, she knew in her heart that it had become her time to shine too.
Alana Marie