Getting Back on Track-Week 4

Hi gang…well it has been a while since I have been on to check in and weigh in. It has been a tough couple weeks Started off with a bout with the cold/flu and then a week later I had to have a surgical procedure done which forced me to restrain from physical activity for a few days….so Here I am…8 pounds BACK on the scale! Not here to make excuses, just ready to get back to work. Life is about unexpected events, and being accountable for those weight loss successes and failures too! Weight loss is about not being afraid to start over and over and over again. It has taken over 3 years to lose 250 pounds so it make take a couple weeks to lose this 8 pounds again…but I WILL DO IT!. Back on the points today and back on the E-FIT program. Lets see where I am a week from today!!!
Ready, set, go!week 4-5-15 1509064_10205243526982029_7975204728578590147_n