Beyond the White Picket Fence

Beyond the White Picket Fence is an amazingly raw and uncensored testimony written by its own protagonist, Shari Yantes. The author digs deep into her soul and pulls from the darkest corners of her mind and memory to recount and share some of the most difficult days of her life. Helping Shari, just a bit, with the final “rewrite” I am proud to say i had a part in the creation of this fantastic book. This is a very inspirational read and is guaranteed to bring you both tears and laughter while spending time devouring the content contained within. Shari is a motivational speaker and life coach who uses her exceptional coaching skills and knowledge to analyze the powerful lessons of her life. This book is a must read for every woman who has longed to venture outside of her own white picket fence. The Launch date is April 1 on Amazon and Kindle!
Alana Marie