Week 3 Begins With a BANG!

Last night I had a bit of anxiety in regards to today’s weigh in. For some reason I believed that I would not show a loss this week since I had lost over 6 pounds the first week. While doing the Weight Watchers program alone I lost an average of 1 or MAYBE 2 pounds a week…however the addition of this simple 20 minute E-Fit work out once a day seems to have made a difference because this week I am showing another substantial loss of 4.6 pounds…bringing my grand total to 11 pounds lost in TWO WEEKS! I am truly amazed and excited and better than that I am MOTIVATED to keep going! My original goal was to lose another 50 pounds by my birthday (July 26) pushing my total loss so far up to 300 pounds! I feel more confident then ever that I will achieve my goal thanks to Natalie Heckert The creator of the E-Fit training program and my own personal trainer…along with the skills I have learned in the Weight Watchers Program!
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