Week Two of E-Fit Training

Hey everyone…. it was just about ten days ago when I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Natalie Heckert​ “Fitness Expert and Motivational Speaker” at the Minneapolis Women’s Expo. We talked about my 3 year weight loss odyssey and discussed the fact that I had hit a brick wall and had even gained a few pounds. We had an immediate connection and she generously offered to help me “kick start” my stalled weight loss program. She handed me a box containing something she, herself had invented called the Club E Fit work out board/DVD exercise program. Skeptical, I accepted her challenge to “try the board for 2 months and see what happens!” I brought it home and started the workouts last week in conjunction with the Weight Watchers program. I am thrilled and VERY excited to say that I have lost 6.4 pounds this week!!!!! I realize that this cannot happen EVERY week…however it is just what I needed to get me back up and running!!!! Thank you Natalie, for this lifeline! I will keep going with the program and keep you all posted!!! On to WEEK TWO!!!!