A Sense of Adventure

And there came a day when the life she had been living did not suit her anymore. The confined feeling of being ensnared in an unfulfilled existence consumed her thoughts. Everything in her sphere felt old and out-of-date. For a time, a very long time, her predictable world had given her a sense of safety and security. Now it only caused her to feel imprisoned and alone. In her heart, she longed for something fresh, uncommon and unusual.

She stared out of her window, watching the same yellow, uninspiring sun creep above the insipid, horizon. The predictability of the routine sunrise filled her with a dreariness that she could not seem to escape. Oh, how she longed for the exhilaration of seeing that orange ball of fire, rise above the rippling waves of a turquoise blue ocean or emerge from behind a majestic, snow-capped mountain; and yet here she stood, day after day thoughtlessly observing the same, unchanged vision of daybreak.

Notions of escape began to devour her thoughts. The restraints of her surroundings ultimately started to affect her mood and disposition and there came a point where she thought she might actually go mad if she did not manage to find a way to liberate her soul. Long, weary nights were filled with separating and sorting while days centered on eliminating and removing the buried baggage of a disenchanted life. It occurred to her suddenly, that holding on to these “things” was only keeping her down, holding her back. At this point she began to purge wildly, resulting in her feeling lighter, happier and stronger than she had in ages.
One morning she awoke earlier than usual, feeling awkwardly anxious. There was a chill in the air, filled with the promise of a brand new adventure. Her friends and family could feel it too. Sensing her discontent they kept their distance. Standing before her window, expecting the predictable, morning daybreak that she had become accustomed to, she was quite astounded to bear witness to the most magnificent sunrise she had observed through this porthole. The blackness of the early morning sky proceeded to brighten as streaks of magenta and then blood red began to seep into the clouds. As the sun climbed into the sky, it was as though a can of yellow paint had spilled into the existing red causing the sky to explode into a kaleidoscope of fire. Staring, mesmerized by the beauty before her, she realized that today was the day. Restlessness replaced complacency; anticipation pushed aside apprehension and the courage to take the first step of this imminent adventure became the focus of what would be the balance of her life. She left the window, pulled her worn leather suitcase from beneath her bed and began packing.