Snowflakes and Cupcakes

I met a girl in the Autumn of last year. I was taken aback by the sheer innocence and gentleness of her manor. I called her Snowflake because I found her to be beautiful, unique and pure. I began to look forward to our intimate conversations and cheerful banter. And then one day I sat down to write a simple story and this short tale was penned. That day I realized that just as the October leaves were falling from the trees, my heart had fallen for my Snowflake. This one is for you my love…one of my all time favorites.

Snowflakes and Cupcakes
We sat upon a broken oak which had fallen last year, during a raging thunderstorm. Relaxed and quite content, we rested near the drifting river, relishing in the extreme comfort we had found in the company of one another. Blissfully, we reflected in subtle silence while watching the last of the red and yellow leaves of autumn fall and spin wildly to the ground from above. As I held her tender hand, in humble adoration she shifted and huddled closer to me in an effort to ward off the early evening chill. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close as we sat in awe and enjoyed the most breathtaking sunset of this unexpected Indian summer. The blazing orange and ginger sky had brought to mind our conversation from the night before when we had roasted marshmallows together on broken sticks in front of a raging campfire. Along with the Indian summer, there had been many other unexpected experiences this year. Finding one another had been the phenomenon that had set into motion a series of events that would change both of our lives forever.
On the surface, one would say that we were mismatched, incompatible, and even lopsided. Looking back, we might respectfully agree and then, of course, laugh at the asymmetric appearance of our unusual little romance…for laughing, you see, was the reliable, dependable, foolproof secret to our happiness. The magic could be found in the sheer absurdity of our unforeseen connection. The truth is, the random unpredictability of our romance is exactly what fueled its fire. Ahhh yes, back to the fire.
We had stared into the sky that evening, feeling the exhilaration and pure joy that a new romance brings, when we saw it fall, a star which dropped swiftly from the sky to the darkness beyond the horizon. “Make a wish” she had whispered into my ear. I closed my eyes and dreamed of castles and magic and riches beyond ones wildest imagination. When I opened them, I found her staring back at me, smiling that magnificent smile that never failed to take my breath away. The glorious innocence I found there made my head swoon. She looked at me and softly said…”What did you wish for my love?” Unable to speak I sighed, “You first.”
She held my hands in hers and said, “I wished for you and me to spend eternity together sharing sunsets and seasons and cupcakes…lots and lots of cupcakes. I hoped for kisses in the rain and dancing in the morning sun. Most importantly, I prayed for the strength to face the harshest of winters together, doing battle with the wicked snowstorms, while catching snowflakes on our tongues and laughing….always, always laughing”
Astonished and enchanted, I found myself speechless yet smitten with this woman who saw the world through such simple naivety and innocence. I felt humbled and humiliated with myself for my own selfish wishes and desires. A tear slipped from my eye as I stared at her breathtaking beauty and I realized suddenly, that a lifetime of snowflakes and cupcakes sounded quite perfect to me.