And then it happened….no cautionary forewarning …not even a simple suspicion. It was a day like so many other average days. She had settled into the notion of just plain settling. There would never be skyrockets or fireworks. Following the distress of her last broken heart, she had astutely convinced herself that dependable and reliable were honest traits. Knowing that you had someone responsible to lean on was best….for her and her son. Fireworks were overrated anyway. She descended into a relationship of convenience, deciding that being lonely was better than being alone. Was she even worthy of love or happiness; apparently not. Being a woman of a “particular” age prompts one to consider their options and then procure the most sensible choice.

But “sensible” was not sensational. It was not magnificent or amazing or superb. Sensible was monotonous, flavorless and inane. However, she had vowed to make it work for her. And then one afternoon, on an ordinary day something extraordinary happened which tossed all sensibility out the window. She had come upon an unexpected stranger. When their eyes met she could feel the blood rush to her face. For an unforeseen moment, she lost her breath…and then felt a strange quivering in her heart. Frightened and confused, she attempted to disregard the sudden sense of lightheadedness that had so enthusiastically seized her soul. She could not remember ever experiencing such an occurrence.

She took a deep breath, smiled and took the first step of a journey that would define and transform her existence. Suddenly, dependable wasn’t nearly enough to ignore the possibility of “incredibly remarkable”; besides it was nearly July and the promise of a few fireworks in her future was more than enough to justify the journey.



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  1. Jennifer Mobley says:

    For years I thought I had to have been the only woman who dated men for convenience before coming out and was ashamed because I felt I’d never be viewed as a “real lesbian” just like so many other fears I had ….
    Reading your stories help me in a way I can’t describe and I want to say thank you for having the courage to share them.

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