Just Listen

There was a time when I weighed well over 500 pounds. Fearing ridicule, I began to venture out less and less. There came a day when leaving the apartment was no longer an option. I sat alone, in silence most days, wondering what my purpose might be, because, after all, everyone has a purpose, don’t they? As I pondered my future, or lack of one, I would listen to the ticking of my kitchen clock and when the silence became to deafening to bare, I would struggle across the room and slide open my patio door to invite the outer world inside for a visit. I would listen to the chorus of birds singing outside my window and I would smile and listen to the children below, laughing in delight on a warm summer afternoon. How I longed to feel the sunshine on my face.
Today, much smaller and much healthier, resting on a park bench, I write quietly, in my worn and weathered journal. I sit and listen to the river rush past,  while the ducks and geese harmonize above. In the distance I hear the frantic clanging of a railroad crossing as the train rolls past offering up a lonely bellow on its whistle. As I rise to continue my daily stroll I hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet and I realize that fall is just around the corner. I stop for an instant, take a deep breath and I am thankful for this single moment of peaceful freedom. I tilt my face up to the sky and smile as the sun warms me cheeks. I listen to the world, the earth and my heart whisper…”Welcome back…..where have you been?”



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  1. Esther S Smith says:

    I need/want a pink piggy! After maintaining a 70 pound weight loss on Weight Watchers, I went on vacation and didn’t take WW with me. I am up 10 pounds and hate it!

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