Make A Wish…Set A Goal…Chase A Dream

So this has been an incredible year for me. The universe has blessed me with so many amazing opportunities, that I am dizzy in trying to make the best choices. When I had all but given up, I felt within me, one last surge of energy…one final spark of hope. The spark began to smolder and then ignited a fire which has kindled an inferno. I do not exaggerate when I say that not so very long ago; I was at the end of my rope. I held on, tied a knot and swung wildly in the wind for a while. I went back to school in hopes that I might find my purpose. I first studied Human services for a couple years, thinking that I could help others who may have struggled with eating or drinking disorders. I found the program exceedingly disheartening and discouraging and realized that this might not be my calling after all. Yet I knew that through all of the pain and heartache that I have experienced and more importantly survived in my lifetime, I did have within me the ability to help those people who were willing to accept it. I began to write. The words spilled out onto the paper and would not stop. My deepest compassions, concerns and emotions, along with my struggles, failures and yes, victories lay open and exposed on the pages of a dozen notebooks. I thought long and hard as I read the words and absorbed the significance of their existence; and then it hit me like a sudden bolt of lightning from the sky….I finally realized my purpose. Nothing in my life has given me more joy, than that which I have experienced this summer in sharing my stories of hope and inspiration with all of you. The outpouring of raw, honest emotion that I receive daily is overwhelming at times yet, I read all of your messages, comments and posts in regards to the things I share and write. Sometimes I am overcome with sadness as I listen to the battles that you fight and thankfully, other days I swell with pride and satisfaction when you share a victory, even if it is just a small one. With all of this being said, I have made a decision. I have decided to forgo my scholarship and postpone my education. I will instead, take advantage of this sudden burst of passion and creativity and spend the time I might otherwise squander on algebra and sociology, just writing! I start a new job on Monday which will require my dedicated commitment as well; so trying to force school into this equation will result in but a calculated failure. I have several goals set which I would like to share with all of you. I will continue to build my blog and my readership, since getting noticed will be the key to my success. With this aspiration you can help. Just join the blog if you haven’t done so already and encourage your friends to join as well. Next, I will put together and publish, (through Amazon’s self-publishing book program) an inspirational book full of my short stories and favorite blog posts. I hope to have it out in time for the Holidays. When that is done…I will begin my novel. It sounds like a pipe dream and a lofty goal to achieve, I realize and accept this. However those of you who know where I come from and what I have been through, know that I have accomplished greater things than this. I need only your help and support to push me through this. I will do my best to create, motivate and inspire all of you to reach your goals and wildest dreams…if in turn, you will join me in this journey to discover mine. A writer is only a writer if others stop and read the words. Please read mine.




  1. Tammy Marshall says:

    Wow Alana! I’m really enjoying sitting back and watching you go. However it is lighting a fire in me that I need to follow your lead and get my own blog up and running.

  2. Kelly Gibson says:

    You recently posted something on a weight watchers page on Facebook and it had a quote from a piece of writing you did when you were a young girl. I remember thinking how inspirational the words were and made a mental note to write them down… Of course that didn’t happen and now I can’t find the post! A long shot I know but do you recall the quote? If I may, I’d love to reproduce it as a wall sticker as I felt it was absolutely perfect. Many thanks.

  3. Alana says:

    When I was 11 years old I wrote a poem for the yearbook. The last line was this…”So choose and ride the highest wave, don’t float in with the tide, and then if you can’t make the grade…at least you will have tried. 🙂

  4. Debra says:

    I cannot wait for your book to be published! Very much looking forward to reading it and being inspired by your wonderful way with words, courage and strength displayed in your honest sharing of your journey!

  5. Helen Irwin says:

    I will look forward to reading your novel and future posts, you are an amazing woman, and you push us all to be better, good luck x

  6. Christi says:

    I enjoy your blog… I look forward to seeing things progress even further for you. Good luck on your adventure! I am not much of a writer but have been going through a lot lately and have started a journal just to get things off my chest in hopes of less sleepless nights. I have found encouragement in your writings… Thank you

  7. Sharon Barry says:

    Beautiful and inspirational as always. looking forward to readind many more of your beautifully penned words. x

  8. diane says:

    Wow. Very well written and inspiring! I enjoyed reading your blog and I am too finding that little spark for my second chapter of life . Keep posting and writing. got this!!

  9. Selina says:

    You have given me a renewed desire to write, share, and open my journal of life.
    When I was in my teens I wrote to just “survive”! Survive all I was feeling, thinking and going through “behind closed doors” and now behind the “facade” that was me, and my life.
    Thank you, I hope I can be as articulate as you are Alana.

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