Better Not Bitter

Better not Bitter
There will be days when you feel like giving up. It will, quite possibly be that afternoon when you come to a meeting refreshed, confident and certain that you have had the most productive week one can have on the program. You reconstruct the past seven days in your mind…You skipped the neighbor’s backyard Barbeque on Sunday, and had a salad every day for lunch. You walked an extra lap around the park three times this week and did not touch any of your extra points plus!! You can almost hear the applause as your leader hands you a star…no, TWO stars for having such an incredible week! Oh yeah….this is about to be an epic weigh-in!
You stroll into the office, nearly floating in those brand new pink and silver Nikes that you bought last weekend; the ones that match perfectly, the trusty Fitbit strapped to your arm. You feel like a million bucks as you stand there in line waiting for your turn. This morning, you came upon an adorable pair of jeans in the back of your closet. They slipped on quite easily today despite the fact that last month you couldn’t squeeze your right butt cheek into them, even with the help of a shoehorn and a bottle of baby oil! You smile and make small talk with the other women in line, while in your head you are searching for the perfect response to throw back at the women behind the counter when she says “Congratulations….that’s a 6 pound loss this week”. In your mind, you open your eyes wide and say …”Oh really! Well I sure wasn’t expecting that” or maybe “I guess all of my hard work did pay off”. You are so lost in the daydream that the annoyed cashier behind the counter is forced to snap her fingers in front of your face to bring you back to reality. “Step up on the scale” she barks out. You gracefully mount the scale as though you are about to be crowned Miss America. Your thank you speech sits there on the tip of your tongue, waiting. Finally the woman glances up and says….nothing. NOTHING? You stare at her, waiting impatiently. “Well?” you finally blurt out. “Well what?” she volleys back. Nervously leaning from side to side, you snarl, “Well how much did I lose?” You feel a dab of perspiration on your forehead as you wait for her response. “She looks you square in the eye and says, “You didn’t. You gained a half a pound, SEE”…and she shoves your weekly tracker under your nose. You glance down and see it, right there in black and white. An obscenity rushes past your lips and your cheeks turn a crimson red as the elderly woman behind the counter looks at you in horror. The room has gone silent and you become quite uncomfortable as everyone turns to stare. So many emotions come over and what’s worse, you feel as though you just gained 40 pounds, instead of just a half of one. You scramble off of the scale and slink to the back of the room, where you hang your head and tiptoe out the door, skipping the meeting entirely.
Everyone has found themselves there, on that scale, expecting a huge loss but gaining instead. We have all felt so defeated that we went home without even staying for our weekly words of wisdom. It happens. Deal with it, accept it and change it. This is not the time to quit or take a break from the program. These are the days when you look beyond the number and see the value in your other accomplishments. For instance, appreciate the reality that you were able to fit into those adorable jeans today. Maybe you should think about the extra laps you were capable of walking around the park this week, when just 6 short months ago you thought you might have a coronary while walking across the Walmart parking lot. Focus on the positive and work a little harder this week and if that doesn’t work, force yourself to remember how you felt walking through those front doors and stepping up on that dark and ominous scale for the VERY FIRST TIME. Stop take a breath and tell yourself….”I must never….ever…go back to that.”




  1. Denise B says:

    OMG!!! Exactly. EXACTLY. EXACTLY!! Thank you!! Deal with it. ACCEPT it and CHANGE it!! I needed to hear that today. Not to mention that I can relate so well to the feelings of the “not” losing weight after being convinced that I was superwoman…. I am a post Bariatric surgery patient, and at my second check-up visit- I had convinced myself that I was the reigning champion of weight loss for the first 2 months post surgery. The theme from Rocky was running through my head as I jumped on the scale. 32 pounds lost! Yay me! and then…. The nurse practitioner comes in the exam room, shaking her head, stating that with the amount of weight that I needed to lose, that I just didn’t lose enough this time around! YIKES- Are you kidding me? Needless to say, there were tons of excuses, millions of justifications just right on the tip of my tongue…. but enough is enough. I have made excuses for my entire life, It had to STOP right then and there. This nurse was not going to dampen my spirits on what I did accomplish. DEAL with it. ACCEPT it. CHANGE it! Thank you Alana! You have given me my new mantra! <3

  2. Donna says:

    Better not Bitter is fantastic and Why do I Succeed tells it all. Thanks. I found myself laughing at this story because I’ve been there but never walked out of a meeting. I love WW too much and the support it gives me. Sometimes I just have to have my splurge. I know the scale will tell me how much my splurge costs. I pay the price and get right back on the program. It’s a lifetime commitment. I set no time limit as to when I get to goal. I know I’ll get there some day. I am never going back. I feel too good mentally and physically. Oh, give me the strength I need to accept the numbers on the scale at tomorrow’s weigh-in. I had a Splurge Day this past Saturday…So life moves me forward on this adventure..

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