In every life there comes a time, when we reach the unfortunate realization that the days that lay behind us, far outnumber those we have before us. It slaps you, much like a cold blast of January wind might, as you step outside on a frosty winter morning. It is this very day that you begin to take stock of your life. Your mind struggles to recall all the places you have seen, the people you have loved and the things you have done. While your mind revisits the past, your heart considers the future, and like it or not it begins to compile a list of its own, the infamous “bucket list”. It is an irrational, interminable list, for as your years grow shorter, the list grows eternally longer, until one day you realize that you will never have enough time to accomplish all you have squared and tallied.
One day your life will inevitably flash before your eyes….Like a film strip running through your mind you will watch yourself grow up and then grow old. You will remember the thundering magnificence of Niagara Falls, and the reverence of the Great Smokey Mountains at daybreak. You will recollect the feeling of the warm white sand beneath your feet and the cool chill of the ocean waves that licked at your ankles as the tide rolled in. In silent serenity you will see again the countless sunsets that colored the evening sky with brilliant layers of orange, red and yellow; and you will be at peace.
You will not remember the conference call you had last night, or the pizza you devoured for dinner. You will have absolutely no recollection of the incalculable hours you spent in front of the television set wishing you had the energy to just take your pleading little dog for a walk. You’ll lose track of the countless morning sunrises squandered as you lay in bed until noon, sleeping off another hangover.
Life is short and time is precious. We are granted but a basket full of priceless days to experience the miraculous and extraordinary gifts we have been given. The beauty of this world is astounding and perpetual. You could live the rest of your life waking to an exquisite sunrise in a different city, state or country, every single morning and yet, not begin to comprehend all you will miss.
It is not too late to turn your life around. You can start today…right now to make the changes necessary for you to begin living again. You know what you are doing to yourself and you realize that slowly but surely, these bad habits are stealing your life…your days…your hours. Make a plan, say a prayer, take a step and turn your life around. When they place the headstone on your grave, don’t let the eulogist declare “Poor old gal she’s gone too soon. There’s not much else to say. Instead let your friends and family exclaim with elation to the world…”Rest in peace my fearless friend…it’s hard to say goodbye. You lived and laughed but most of all…you sure knew how to fly!”




  1. Donna says:

    Yes Alana, life is short and time is precious. Anger and feeling sorry for myself has become my burden. I’m learning how to let go and finding it’s a slow process. I want these feelings to go away yesterday and the day before that. In my late life, I thought i should be doing the things I want to but no, that didn’t happen. What was I thinking! My sister and I have become caregivers (we share the responsibility every other week) to our aunt. It’s been 8 years of playing that “pity card” until a year ago I said, I have a week off, do something about it. Quit feeling sorry and make your own happy. I’m glad I finally listened to me! Can you believe that? I have put my needs first and lost a whopping 100 pounds for a second time. I’m going on a 900 mile road trip to New England next month and doing my first 5K in October. Yippee for me!!! Good Riddance Pity Card. I’m spoiling myself and making my own happy even though it is every other week. Thanks for your inspiration Alana. You have been brought into my life for a reason. Life is short and it’s up to us to make it great.

  2. Alana says:

    Wow Donna!! What a wonderful message to find waiting for me in my mailbox! I am so happy that you have found your wings!!! You only get one shot at life! Live it for you baby!!!! So proud of you!

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